Stop Transphobia

November 20, 2005 a Stophate 2000 representative attended the seventh annual Transgender Day of Remebrance. This was the third year a Transgender Day of Remebrance service was held in Edmonton. The inter-faith service had particpants representing Christian, Unitarian and Eckankar traditions. The service consisted of liturgy, songs and prayers. The names of people who lost their lives in the last year were read.

The last part of the liturgy was powerful. We share that last portion of the liturgy, so you can join in the spirit of the service. "Together, standing side by side we can change the world. No longer silent; let us be the word that is forever the end of fear, pain and death caused by ignorance, hate and violence." The end of the liturgy is a call to the world to speak up to end violence against transgendered and transsexual people.

The front of the church had a quilt filled with stars. A card for each trans person who died was used on the quilt in 2004. There were too many cards for the quilt, so a star was used to represent each life lost for the 2005 memorial service.

Stophate 2000 would like to thank the sponsors of the Edmonton Transgender Day of Rememberance, 2004 for the memorial service. The sponsors include True Spirit North, Lambda Christian Community Church, Garneau United Church, and TTIQ Alliance.

Anybody wanting Stop Transphobia to create a memorial web page for a victim of transphobia is welcome to email us. People wanting us to link to their web memorial for a victim of transphobia are also encouraged to email us.

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