Stop Transphobia

How You Can Help Reduce Transphobia

The level of hatred, fear, discrimination and violence against transgendered and tanssexual people needs to be reduced. Societal attitudes and actions change, one person at a time. That means there are things individuals can do to make a difference. We can start by making some personal changes. We can face our personal fears, conquer them and reach out to support and protect the transgendered and transsexual members of society. A few of the things individuals can do to bring make society a much safer place for trans people are listed below:

Accept that sexuality is not black and white. There are many shades and many colors of sexuality.

Do not assume everybody is either male or female.

Understand that a transgendered or transsexual person cannot change your sexual orientation or your sexual identity.

Appreciate that transgendered and transsexual people feel the same emotions you feel and have the same need to be loved, respected and appreciated.

Read articles about transgenderism. Be able to explain the terms transgender and transsexual to people.

Be an encouraging friend or colleague to any transgendered or transsexual people you meet or know.

Write a letter to your your Representative, Member of Parliament or Senator asking that transgendered and transsexual people be included in human rights legislation and in hate-crimes legislation.

Lobby local political figures for including gender-neutral bathrooms in all public buildings.

Attend the yearly November 20 memorial services for the victims of transphobia. If you are not able to attend, light a candle for the victims on November 20 and remember the loss we've experienced as a society.

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