No peace among nations without peace among religion. Hans Kung

Stop Religious Hate is dedicated to reducing religiophobia, prejudice, discrimination and hatred resulting in sectarian and religiously motivated violence

Religious hate and fear are factors in some sectarian tension and violence and in tension and violence between members of different world religions. Religious hatred is responsible for some very brutal conflicts. The crusades, where people of different world religions were forced to convert or die, Protestant and Catholic sectarian violence in Northern Ireland, terrorist attacks in Israel, the September 11 terrorist attack on the World Trade Center, the bombing or burning of Jewish synagogues and gay Christian churches are all partly due to religious fear and hatred.

Fortunately, religious hate often does not result in death. In less severe forms, religious hatred is responsible for school yard fights among people of different faiths and discrimination in the work place.

We invite you to explore the causes of religious hatred and ways we can reduce religously based hatred and fear.

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