Stop Transphobia


American Boyz
Provides support to female to male trans.

FTM International
Educational organization for female to male transsexuals.

Gender Education and Advocacy
Group advocates for the gender variant. Site has articles, legal news and resources.

Gender Education Center
Minnesota organization that provides information and gives workshops.

Gender Identity Center - Colorado
Support group for for people who have non-traditional gender identity.

Gender Public Advocacy Coalition
Organization attempts to reduce discrimination and violence based on gender stereotypes.

Indiana Transgender Rights Advocacy
Promotes freedom of gender expression and the right to gender self-determination.

International Foundation for Gender Education
Organization works for expression of gender identity.

Intersex Society of North America
Information about intersexuality.

It's Time North Carolina
Promotes rights of the trans community.

National Center for Transgender Equality
Promote equality in Washington, DC.

National Transgender Advocacy Coalition
Organization promotes understanding of transgendered and intersexed individuals.

Queens University - Information and Resources on Transgender Issues
Canadian university site has definitions, transgender experiences and resources.

Remembering our Dead
Memorial web site for the transgendered victims of violence.

Renaissance Transgender Association
Site has newsletter and articles, including articles explaining possible causes of transgenderism.

Southern Arizona Gender Alliance & Transgender Net Arizona
Reduce discrimination against transgendered people and to provide transgender people with more human rights.

Stophate 2000
Site works to reduce hatred and discrimination. Has chat room, forum, guestbook, newsletters and an extensive gay links.

Transgender American Vetrans Association
Works for the rights of transgendered American Vetrans.

Transgender Community of Police and Sheriffs
Transgendered law enforcement personnel.

Transgender Law and Policy Institute
Organization advocates for transgendered people.

Transgender Network
Advocacy and for work-related transgender issues.
Regional organizations in Canada and the United States.

Support group for straight cross dressers.

Washington Gender Alliance
Washington state group assists those who are dealing with issues regarding either gender identity or gender expression.

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