Stop Hate Tree of Memories

Many people have memories of special trees. There might be pleasant memories of a tree house. The big old tree with a swing might bring back wonderful memories. And there is the tree that provided shade on a hot summer day. The Tree of Memories is a special tree that treasures the memories and contributions people made to the world. People honored on a Tree of Memories can be loved ones or a person who represents a group of people one wants to love and encourage.

Parents and teachers search for ways to teach children to respect and accept people who are different. When teaching art and crafts, lessons can be taught that help children learn respect for people of different backgrounds. A school classroom could learn how to decorate simple ornaments in an art class and those ornaments could be placed on a classroom memory tree.

Volunteers with Stop Hate 2000 created simple memorial ornaments for a Tree of Memories. The memorial ornaments are examples of simple ornaments a child could make to remember people who died in hate crimes. The ornaments can go on a special Tree of Memories. People who celebrate Christmas might choose to hang a memorial ornament on the tree.

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The two photographs below are the front and back sides of a memorial ornament for the children who died in the holocaust.

The teddy bear is made out of different sized buttons. A button on the bear's head represents a Jewish prayer cap, the kippah.

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