Children of the Holocaust Memorial

This web page is in memory of the children who were killed in the Nazi death camps.  This simple memorial web page does neither an adequate job of honoring the children who died nor of helping people understand the destruction that can take place when hatred becomes a national policy.  Each of the people who perished in the Nazi death camps deserves his or her own memorial page.

The children who perished in the Holocaust need to be remembered, so we can learn from history.  Unless we learn the history and remember the history, we may repeat the mistakes of the past.

The exact number of children who died in the Holocaust may never be known.  There are some estimates on Holocaust-related internet web sites.  Those estimates run as high as 1.5 million children.  The vast majority of the children who died were killed because they were Jewish. 

A few web sites with information about the Nazi death camps and the Holocaust appear below.

Holocaust Encyclopedia. Part of the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum.

The Holocaust Page.

Gates to Hell. Site has information about the Nazi death camps.

Holocaust History Project.

Stop Hate Tree of Memories - for children of the Holocaust.