Stop Homophobia


Editorial 7 - Donald Aldrich Executed

According to news reports, Texan Donald Aldrich was executed in October, 2004. Aldrich is described as a leader in a group that held up gay men.

In 1993, they are reported to have kidnapped Nicholas West, robbed him and shot him over 12 times. The full story can be read on the Planetout web site.

Those of us who are in the human rights field tend not to like the death penalty. There is a chance the wrong person could be convicted and some people in the human rights area feel the death penalty is a violation of the right to life. This execution seems like a distasteful victory.

The conviction and execution of a man believed to have been responsible for gay bashings and convicted of the kidnapping, robbery and murder of a man they found in a gay area may help some gay people sleep a little better. Society has spoken. And society has spoken clearly. The kidnapping, robber and murder of all people, including gay people, is a serious offense.

Being gay is not against the law. Gay bashing and the murder of gay people is against the law. While there is no vaccination against homophobia, we can hope the lethal injection given Aldrich is a vaccination against some of the violence aimed at gay people.