Stop Homophobia


Editorial 37 - November 2006 - Gay Marriage in Denmark

Mainse, the founder of the 100 Huntley Street Christian television program, has been trying to discredit gay marriages on the basis that same-sex marriages caused social problems in the northern European countries that have allowed same-sex marriages. Additional information about his position can be found in an April, 2005 editorial.

In the light of David Mainse' claims, a recent Psychology Today magazine article is very interesting. According to the Psychology Today article, the divorce rate among Danes in same-sex marriages is 17%, while the divorce rate in traditional marriages is 46%. There is a stereotype that gay men only want sex. The statistics from Denmark do not appear to support that stereotype. In Denmark, the article reports the divorce rate among gay males is 14%, while gay female marriages have a divorce rate of 23%.

This is only one study, so we do not want to make too much of the results. Before people can draw many conclusions, numerous studies, in different countries, spanning decades of time need to be conducted. That said, the preliminary statistics do not support the position of David Mainse and others who oppose same-sex marriages, because those marriages cause social problems.