Stop Homophobia


Editorial Note: The poem is posted with permission of the author.


This is the message I want to send out to all those hate mongers who claim to be followers of Jesus Christ and who are attempting to brainwash the entire straight Christian public to make us disappear.

Where and When

Where is your message of love and salvation
While you're preaching gay hate and damnation?
Where is your measure of grace and inclusion
When you're showing heterosexual exclusion?
When did you become this beacon of light
When you're making us gays a human blight?
When did you decide to use Gods holy name
To point the finger of intolerance and blame?
When did you get this sudden revelation
That you alone have Gods only invitation?
When did you decide to use the Bible as a tool
To make gay people look like a blind food?
What makes you so very much better than me?
Why do you hate me because I'm out and free?
When did you loose your own true humanity
To embark on this hate message of insanity?
When did you receive the keys to Heaven's gate
When you so full of self-righteous venom and hate?
When will you finally get off my aching back
Let me life in peace, and cut me some slack?
When will you see the sins in your own lives,
You husbands, fathers, mothers and wives?
When you understand I didn't choose to be gay
And it was God himself who made me this way!
When will you stop pointing the finger at me
While pointing right back at you are three!

James Michael McDonald,