Stop Homophobia


Editorial 13 - Jason Gage Murder

Jason Gage was murdered. He was only 29 years old. According to news sources, the girlfriend of the man who has been charged with the murder says the victim came on to him.

This reminds people of the Matthew Shepard murder where one of the men charged with the crime tried to use gay panic as his defense. Matthew Shepard was accused of having come on to the man. Coming on to a man who is not interested naturally results in an murderous outpouring of anger. I do not think so. Being attractive is actually a bad thing? Again, I think not!

Gay panic is an interesting rationale for murder. Evidently, being thought of as an attractive man is traumatic. In fact, it is so traumatic that it justifies murder. The line of reasoning seems to be, "You find me attractive, so I should kill you." Something about that just does not make a lot of sense.

We have a few general guidelines to sexual conduct. Those guidelines help people who do not understand what sex is all about - an enjoyable outpouring of love between two people.

One of the guidelines given to men and women is the famous line, "No means no." When somebody says they do not want to have sex, that is not justification to force the person to have sex. In fact, it is reason to get dressed and go home for the night.

We appear to need a guideline for men who are easily threatened when other men find them attractive. The guideline is, "You're cute means you're cute. It does not mean kill me or assault me!" When somebody you are not attracted to hits on you, walk away. Do not stick around. Do not talk to continue to have a conversation. Say, "I am not interested in having sex with you" and leave.

Information about Jason Gage's murder can be found on the Jason Gage Memorial page.