Stop Homophobia


Editorial 12 - Gay Teen Suicide

The letter below is from the pastor of a church. A gay teenaged church member committed suicide.

We encourage anybody contemplating suicide to get assistance. Do not fight through your feelings alone. You are not alone. There are people who care and who can help. Talk to somebody. Tell somebody how you feel. Discuss how you feel with a trusted friend of family member. Dial 911 or your local emergency phone number. Call the hospital or the police, talk to your physician, or get an appointment to talk to a counsellor.

A few resources for people who are feeling discouraged and are contemplating suicide appear below:

  • National Suicide Lifeline.
  • Suicide - Read This First.
  • Suicide Helplines in the United States and Around The World.
  • Yellow Ribbon Canada - General information site about suicide. Canadian suicide hotlines.
  • - Prevention of Teen Suicide.
  • Yellow Ribbon San Diego - Prevention of Teen Suicide. Crisis phone number on site.
  • Suicide Prevention - San Francisco Suicide Prevention site.