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Age 29

Michael Sandy was killed October 8, 2006. According to the Advocate article, "Four Arrested in N.Y. Hate Ambush," four men lured Michael Sandy to a remote spot in New York to rob him. They gave Michael Sandy the impression he was meeting somebody for sex. Michael tried to escape the robbers by running into traffic. He was hit by a car. Another Advocate articles says Michael Sandy died five days after the attack.

The Advocate article, "Four Arrested in N.Y. Hate Ambush," gives the impression the attackers had tried to lure other online gay men. The men charged with with Miachael Sandy's death were Anthony Fortunato, John Fox, and Ilya Shurov. An Advocate web site article says Ilya Shurov, the last of four men charged in connection with Michael Sandy's death, pleaded guilty and agreed to serve over 17 years in prison.

An Advocate article tells us Michael was a designer for Ikea. A memorial page on the Keithboykin web site gives an excellent description of Michael Sandy. He is described as enjoying dancing, good conversation, Asian food, photography, and a wide variety of music. Michael's Friendstar page reveals a little more about who Michael was. He describes himself as athletic, sweet, and fun. A friend on Michael's Friendstar page remembers Michael as having an infectious laugh. Michael Sandy is a person the world will miss.

We are not certain why some hate crimes catch a lot of media attention, while other hate crimes do not make international headlines. "Bias Murder," an article in the Gotham Gazette, discusses Michael's murder and why his murder did not receive more public attention.

Those wanting to know more about Michael Sandy are encouraged to visit the following web sites:

Michael Sandy Foundation

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