Memorial to Victims of Rwanda Genocide

This page is a very humble memorial to the thousands of people who died due to tribalism in Rwanda in 1994.  In 1994, many Rwandans of the Tutsi tribe were killed.  Estimates run as high as 800,000 people killed in about a 100 day period of time.

Tribalism and racism can be very evil.  The tragedy in Rwanda illustrates how evil hatred can be.  The history of tribalism, ethnic tensions and racism can be very deep.  The need to understand history, various perspectives of history and the ability to forgive are essential when there are tensions between groups of people.

Some sources of information on the Rwanda Genocide can be found on the following web sites:

The Triumph of Evil Public Broadcasting System web pages about the tragedy in Rwanda.  Web article has interviews, a chronology of the events and additional sources of information about the Rwanda killings.
Rwanda Massacre Associated press article about tribal killings that took place in a church.
Orphans of Rwanda Massacre World Vision US web site article. The World Vision article indicates 2.0 million people fled Rwanda for safety. The children who survived were forced to take on heavy responsibilities at an early age.
Panorama: Rwanda 10 Years On British Broadcasting Corporation article on Rwanda ten years after the massacre.
Rwanda Information Exchange Independent web site started one year after the Rwanda massacres. Site has articles about Rwanda and neighboring countries and articles about the 1994 genocide.
Stop Hate Tree of Memories ornament for the victims of the Rwanda genocide.



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