Lawrence King Memorial Page

Age 15

February 12, 2008, Lawrence King, an eighth grade student was shot by a 14 year old student. In a Los Angeles Times article, the alleged murderer is identified as Brandon McInerney. The Times article and an Associated Press video clip on the LA Times web site state Brandon McInerney has been charged as an adult with murder and hate crime. According to an International Business Times and Advocate news reports, Lawrence occasionally wore jewelry and makeup. Reports also indicate he was out at school. The Advocate news article states Lawrence King was bullied and that the police feel there was ‘bad blood’ between Lawrence King and the teen who killed him. From various news sources, we get the sense that Lawrence King was in class. While he was working on a computer, he was shot in the back of the head.

An Australian web site carries the news story “Californians March for Murdered Student.” The article indicates almost 1,000 young people and supporters marched the streets of Onxard, California in response to Lawrence’s murder.

Lawrence appears to have been his own man. The courage to be his own man might be a reason why his death is touching many people. On the
After Elton web forum, one person comments, “Lawrence King showed more courage in his short time on this earth than I think I've shown in my 40 years.” On the Advocate web site, Lawrence is remembered as a youth who “did not seek to blend in.” The author of the article reflects on his feelings when he learned of Lawrence’s death saying, "I was struck by the undeniable feeling that, in a way, he had taken a bullet for me.” Lawrence’s life and death is touching many people. An blog on the Huffington Post blog site describes Lawrence as a survivor, and says he found comfort from Archie, Newfoundland dog.

A GLSEN memorial page, Remembering Lawrence, lists events being held in memory of Lawrence King.

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