Gary Huyck
AKA Ericdaread

  to 2006

Many of us knew Gary Huyck as Eric or Ericdaread.  Ericdaread was an internet name Gary used on a number of web sites.  Gary Huyck was a gay rights activist and a
student at Arizona State University. In 2007, volunteers at Stop Hate 2000 learned Gary passed away in the fall of 2006.  According to Gary's Yahoo ID, he was a single, 63 year old man.  His favorite quote is listed as, "We . . . know how cruel the truth often is, and we wonder whether a delusion is not more consoling."  The quote is attributed to Henri Poincare (1854 to 1912).

Gary was active in internet-related gay human rights work.  In May of 2005, he founded and moderated the Yahoo discussion group Pissed and Gay.  The front page of his web site True-Words.Com contains a wonderful quote from St. Thomas Aquinas, "Such a God does not reject some in order to love others.  This God is willing to share his life with us, and is not lessened in doing so."

Gary stated his family are descendants of Jan Huyghens, a cousin of Christiaan Huyghens.  According to what he posted on a Huyck geneaology site, Jan came to Niew Amesterdam around 1621, and married the sister of Peter Minuit.

Those who knew Gary from the internet remember with fondness his kindness and his sense of humor.  We also recall the fiesty spirit in which he promoted gay rights.