Matthew Shepard Memorial

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"He should be remembered just as a kid,
as somebody who lived his life honestly."
-Judy Shepard

Matthew Shepard Memorial Quilt


Reflections about Matthew

People who recall what they were doing when they learned about Matthew Shepard are encouraged to email us short stories or memories of their immediate reactions to Matthew's death. These memories could include memories of seeing movies at Matthew Shepard or hearing Matthew's mother talk.

Reflection - from School
Hi!My name is _____________,im from ____________.My drama class in my school are doing a play Leramie project.WHen i first read the whole book it took my breath away.I just didnt know what to say.I cried so much and i just wanted to be there. -Anonymous

Reflection - from Europe
I saw the film on _____________ tv last night and cried when I thought what Matthew went through.I can not understand and never wish to be able to understand people who have so much hate with in them . I admire Matthew parents. -Anonymous

Reflection - from a Mother
im a mum to a wonderful gay man of 21 and ive just watched laramie project on dvd with him .... never again will he walk thru the door without huge hugs ...lets make the world safe for all .... my prayers are with Matts family. -Anonymous

Reflection - Tears
I just wanted to say hi... Im from _____________________. And yesterday, my high school went to a play called the Larmie Project.. and wow. I cannot describe how many emotions went threw me watching that. I cried so much. -Anonymous

Reflection - from 12 Year Old
hey my name is ___________. although i am only 12 i know what hapenned. I think that it was nice for matthews dad to let them live longer. I don't think it was right for them to do that. If a bunch of homosexuals came up to them and did the same thing to them for being different they wouldn't like it. I'm sorry this is all that i wrote i will write again. i miss u already in piece. -Anonymous

An email religious discussion group was in the middle of a heated discussion about homosexuality when I learned Matthew was clinging to life in a hospital. One of the gay members of the religious discussion group pointed out that the topic is important to gay people, because gay people feel like it is a matter of life and death. I remember feeling a combination of shock and horror. -Anonymous