Matthew Shepard Memorial

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"He should be remembered just as a kid,
as somebody who lived his life honestly."
-Judy Shepard

Matthew Shepard Memorial Quilt


Memories of Matthew

This page is reserved for those who knew Matthew Shepard. People who knew Matthew Shepard are encouraged to email us short stories or memories of Matthew. Those items will be reviewed, and if they are appropriate, will be added to the web site. While stories can be posted without a name, memories cannot be submitted anonymously.

General Memories

Matt was like most young gay men I know, he had a great sense of humor and quick wit . . . On the outside he always seemed happy. He did want to fit in, and for the most part had no trouble doing so. He was always fun to be around . . . I never new Matt to be into party drugs. Matt was a typical young gay man, bitchy to those he did like and fiercely loyal to those he loved. Nothing less then a great kid.

School Memory

Matt's favorite thing in high school was being in school plays.

Difference Matthew Made

Posted by a friend on the anniversay of Matthew's death. October 2004.

I just wanted to offer my sincere sympathy to Matt's family. I believe that the world has changed for the better because Matt lived, and sadly died. I don't think it is an accident the number of gains we have made in gay rights law, hate crime, and the in number of high school and college kids who are standing up for their rights since Matt died. I believe a lot of gay (and straight)people took a hard look at their lives after Matt's death and decided to make a change. I know Matt saved my life. I miss him very much. God bless you today and for many days to come.

Challenge to Continue the Struggle for Human Rights

Posted by a friend of Matthew's on the sixth anniversary of Matthew's death. October 2004.

This date is overwhelming and has been for the past 6 years.

To all of us among Matt's chosen family and to those of you amongst his biological family, we can all miss Matthew while also being confident that Matthew was responsible for a dramatic shift in opinion in the US and abroad. He is one of our martyrs.

My best to all of us who miss Matthew and who continue the struggle.

The struggle must go on.

Without justice, there can be no peace.