Matthew Shepard Memorial

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"He should be remembered just as a kid,
as somebody who lived his life honestly."
-Judy Shepard

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Matthew Made a Difference in My Life

This page is reserved for those who feel Matthew Shepard made a difference in their life. People are welcome to share stories about where they were when they first learned Matthew was injured or had died or stories about the difference Matthew made in their lives. The stories can be emailed to us. They will be reviewed, and if they are appropriate, will be added to the web site. While stories can be posted without a name, memories cannot be submitted anonymously.

Difference Matthew Made

Posted by a friend on the anniversay of Matthew's death. October 2004.

I just wanted to offer my sincere sympathy to Matt's family. I believe that the world has changed for the better because Matt lived, and sadly died. I don't think it is an accident the number of gains we have made in gay rights law, hate crime, and the in number of high school and college kids who are standing up for their rights since Matt died. I believe a lot of gay (and straight)people took a hard look at their lives after Matt's death and decided to make a change. I know Matt saved my life. I miss him very much. God bless you today and for many days to come.

Difference - Fighting Homophobia on the School Bus
A Christian, who drives a school bus for a living writes . . .

"I had a High School "Jock" use the word "Faggot" in my presence. His friends laughed. I immediately pulled over on the side of the road, got up and turned face to face with him and told him he was suspended from riding with me for three days and I would be talking to his parents. The Student came back and apologized for his outburst. (I think his Dad made him. lol) I responded that being sorry was a good start. I now wanted a 250 word theme on Hate and Hate Crimes....then I'd forget about the suspension.

I even threw in the stophate 2000 web-site for a starting point.

This kid came back with AT LEAST a 250 word Thesis and a whole new outlook. I read it. It was good. He asked me if he could have it back to submit to his Journalism Teacher. Of course I allowed it.

Bottom Line. ___________ got a great Grade and brought his grade average up and walked away with a great looking new attitude.

Difference - Church
As a result of Matthew, I am speaking out in churches against homophobia. I have met some wonderful gay people and they have made my life much richer. -Anonymous