Stop Homophobia


Editorial 36 - November 2006 - Rev. Louis Sheldon & "Pro-Homosexual Dems" Editorial

The Post Chronicle Village has an editorial by Reverend Louis P. Sheldon. In the editorial, Sheldon gets right down to business, calling the Democrats "pro-homosexual surrogates." Sheldon states, "The goal is to create protected minority status for homosexuality, as though it were equal to such immutable characteristics as race."

Well, you got right Rev. Sheldon. The object is for gay people to be protected just as if homosexuality is a racial or ethnic group. And the problem with that is what?

So you think homosexuality is not "immutable." Perhaps, Rev. Sheldon, you need to have a serious chat with Ted Haggard. I don't think he has found it very mutable. I think if you did a little looking around you would find many gay Christians who have found that it is impossible to change from being gay. Many people believe homosexuality is as immutable as God!

The Reverend Sheldon complains that a newly elected Democrat wants to include both sexual orientation and gender identity in a hate crimes bill. Sheldon states trans people include cross-dressers, transvestites and transsexuals.

And a man wearing a dress, a lady wearing pants does what to freedom of speech? Oh, I guess I forgot. Some Christians believe women are not allowed to speak in church or to teach men. Is your concern that many of your ordained colleagues would no longer be allowed to speak in church, because they wear gowns that look like poorly fitting women's dresses?

All joking aside. Relax a little Rev. Sheldon. This is time to get serious. We need to look beyond our petty fears and start looking at things that are more lasting. We need to look at people's hearts Rev. Sheldon. That means doing what Jesus wants us to do and looking past the dress, right into the eyes and into the heart. When we do that, we are not looking at sexual orientations or gender identification. We are looking heart to heart and loving each other. Seems to me that is what the Gospel is all about.