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Editorial 25 - March 2006 - James Dobson Under Attack

James Dobson is the founder of the popular Christian ministry Focus on the Family. In a Planet Out news article, James Dobson is reported to have come out supporting a bill that could grant limited rights for same-gender couples. This may be shocking to many gay people who have felt the sting of Focus on the Family's attacks on the “gay life style.” Many straight people may be shocked that the founder of a family-oriented ministry would support a bill that can provide unmarried couples with some of the rights married couples enjoy. In the article, Dobson is quoted as saying, “I find it very difficult to be attacked in such an unfair way from conservatives who claim to follow the cause of Christ.”

Well, Dr. Dobson, you may not get much sympathy from the gay community. Many gay people feel your ministry attacked them in an unfair way. Being gay or bisexual is not a choice. People do not wake up one day and think, “Today I am going to be gay.” A sexual orientation is not like a new shirt, something you choose to wear, something you can just take off. You, Dr. Dobson, had a choice. You did not have to support the bill. And the point could be made that you kinda deserved to be here all along. Welcome to the party Dr. Dobson. Shame it took you so long to make it to this side of the party. Pull up a cross. There is plenty of room for another cross. Enjoy the nails in your hands and feet. After a bit, you hardly notice them any longer. The pain just becomes part of your life.

But wait, before enjoying this ironic little twist in life too much. Focus on the Family is much more moderate and reasoned in its criticisms than many other “Christian” ministries. While many people would find it hard to consider James Dobson as a friend of the gay community, he is much more careful and moderate with his comments than many other conservative Christians. So don't enjoy Dr. Dobson's plight too much. At least this position does not harm the gay community.