Stop Homophobia


Editorial Note: The poem is posted with permission of the author.

As a gay vet of the Viet Nam War, I wrote this in light of all the antigay stuff going on in America today. I have to wonder.

"Why Indeed"

Why did I ever serve my country, knowing that I am gay?
Why didn't I see that one day, they'd take my rights away?
Why didn't I declare myself instead of wanting to serve,
Why does our present president want throw me a curve?
Why I serve two terms when fanatics long to do me in?
Why do I live in a country where I know I just can't win?
Why did I follow Jesus, when his followers want me dead?
Why didn't I see the writing on the wall, lying just ahead?
Why did I bother to vote when Bush won over my man?
Why did I always do the right thing or make any kind of plan?
Why do so many hate so few for all the wrong reasons?
Why are there laws protecting those who commit treasons?
Why does America hate gay veterans who served so well
Why do they want to rally en masse to make our lives hell?
Why can't these "right-wing hate monsters" just go away?
Why can't they target someone else and call it a day?
Why do they use the Bible as a weapon of mass destruction?
Why do they call it "Simply following God's divine instruction"?
Why can't we all get along, live and love one another?
Why can't we all act like a human sister and a brother?
Why indeed, to all these burning questions listed above
Why is question, but the answer is "Lack of Christian Love."

by James M. McDonald