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Editorial 15 - April 2005 - David Mainse & 100 Huntley Street Ministries

David Mainse is not what people in the United States might picture as a media pastor.  Mainse could be Canada's best known media pastor.  He has a very laid back, gentle approach.  The television program 100 Huntley Street interviews people and does not have an aggressive or in-your-face style.  David Mainse's normally pleasant approach seems to have taken on a bit of an edge on the gay marriage debate. David Mainse has become vocal and politically active in attempts to prevent gay marriages in Canada.

One of Mainse's web sites, Marriage Canada, records some of the comments he made about same-sex marriages.  Some of the comments do not cut it.  There are comments that show very poor logic.  The logical path he takes can be described in this way:

1.  Some northern European countries that allow gay marriages have high taxes, social problems, strained social services systems and high percentages of children born to single mothers.

2.  Gay marriages are the cause of these social and family problems.

3.  Therefore, people should oppose gay marriage rights.

Straight people do not need gay marriages.  So implied in Maines' logic is that gay people must be somehow responsible for high taxes, strains on the social welfare system and single-parent families.

This is very interesting logic.  Two men having sex does not result in a baby. Unless the Lord works a rather interesting miracle, two women having sex will not result in a baby either.  Gay relationships cannot be responsible for dramatic increases in the need for social services, in single-parent families or in high taxes.

Statistics can be interpreted in ways that would make the statistics and statisticians blush.  Any correlation between increases in taxes, increased use of social welfare systems, single-parent families and gay marriages in northern European countries is more likely to be coincidence than cause and effect.

The rise of the religious political right in the United States probably parallels an increased need for social welfare programs, increased percentages of single-parent families, larger gay pride parades and the call for gay marriages.  That does not mean evangelical or fundamentalist Christians caused an increase in homosexuality, gay pride parades, single-parent families, increased use of the social welfare system or gay marriages.

You can review David Maine's comments at his Marriage Canada web site.  Links to a few of his comments appear below:

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