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Book Reviewed:

Troy Perry. Don't Be Afraid Any More . New York: St. Martin's Press, 1990.

The book can be purchased from Amazon.com.

Review by Gary Simpson. All copyrights are held by the author.

Reason for Reviewing Book:

Many members of the gay community do not feel safe in church. Gay people are not welcome in many churches and church denominations. This book is being reviewed, because it can help straight people understand the need for gay friendly congregations and the depth of hatred experienced by gay people.

The Author:

Troy Perry is the founder of the Metropolitan Community Churches, a queer church denomination. His faith background is in the Baptist and Pentecostal traditions. Troy Perry became a pastor in the Church of God. He was thrown out of the Church of God, because he was gay. In the late 1960s, Troy Perry founded a gay friendly church. That congregation was the first church in what became a gay inclusive denomination.


Perry discusses the obstacles that Troy Perry and the Metropolitan Community Churches overcame. Perry shares the personal struggles some pioneers in the Metropolitan Community Churches faced. Some of the stories and are very moving.

Reading about the pioneering days of the Metropolitan Community Churches shows the need for gay rights. A few of the problems the MCC faced include the following:

MCC Members being locked out of facilities they were renting during the winter.

Churches burning to the ground.

Cross burnings.

Arson that took the lives of some church members.

Some people making jokes about the death of gay people in a fire.

Being denied use of church facilities to hold a memorial service.

I encourage all church pastors and leaders to read this book. The book can help church leaders better understand the fears, concerns and needs of the gay community.