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Movie Reviewed:

Title: Video - God and Gays: Bridging the Gap
Web Site: God and Gays the Movie
Producer: Kim Clark
Production Company: Zernus Productions
Available: From the God and Gays the Movie web site

Review by Gary Simpson. All copyrights are held by the author.


The movie is a collection of laid-back interviews of different gay Christians. Some of the gay Christians interviewed are well-known spiritual leaders in the queer community. For example, Mel White, one of the founders of Soulforce, is interviewed in the documentary. The movie includes a number of themes.

Content in the documentary movie is of value to gay, bisexual, and trans-identified Christians, to parents of queer children, to pastors, teachers, and counsellors. The documentary attempts to cover a wide range of topics of need to queer people and their allies. Do not let the laid-back style of the interviews fool you. The people interviewed are knowledgeable and make many profound points. This is a documentary people could watch many times and still find themselves picking up new insights.

Suicide is a topic that needs to be addressed, especially as it relates to people who are struggling with their sexuality. The topic is not one society needs to address. Suicide is mentioned several times. Should suicide be a sensitive topic for a person, the video should only be watched when there are people present who can offer support and intervention.

Major themes in the documentary include:

The struggle queer people face. Rejection from people who learn an individual is gay or bisexual. Gay, lesbian, bisexual, and trans-identified people may be rejected by family, friends, and church members when they come out. Even people who are straight, but support queer Christians can find they are rejected by family and friends. Queer people hear condemning messages from many churches and Christian organizations.

Living in the closet. Living in the closet keeps gay people from being able to see the world as it is. The closet also prevents people from being as creative as they can be out of the closet. Life in the closet is not easy. Straight people who think living in the closet is easy may want consider how difficult it would be for them to hide the fact that they are married and/or have children from their employers for a month.

Homophobia is based on gender role expectations. Gay rights are a threat to the privileged straight class. Straight people fear gay rights, because they are afraid of loss of privilege and status.

The gay agenda. One person interviewed makes a very good point about the gay agenda. That person states gay people only want what straight people have always received.

Misuse of the Bible to condemn gay people. The Bible is a complex and a rich document. When we limit our understanding of the Bible to the literal meaning in an English translation, we lose much of the richness of the Bible.

Advice for parents and youth, when a young person is struggling with coming out. One strategy mentioned for parents who suspect a child is gay is to give the child a newspaper advertisement or an internet article about the group Parents, Family, and Friends of Lesbians and Gays (PFLAG). The parent can make a comment to the effect that the son or daughter might know somebody at school who could benefit from going to the PFLAG meeting. Queer youth should only come out to people who are safe. Young people who think they might be gay are advised to talk to a guidance counsellor at school, not the pastor of a conservative church.

A short trailer of the movie can be seen on the God and Gays, the Movie web site.