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Movie Reviewed:

Fish Can't Fly. Tom Murray Director and Producer.
Web Site: www.fishcantfly.com Available: Amazon.com

Review by Gary Simpson. All copyrights are held by the author.

The video is not a debate about the merits of "ex-gay" counselling or "ex-gay" ministries. The video contains the personal journeys of some gay Christians who tired to become straight by turning to Christian "ex-gay" ministries. The people interviewed desperately wanted to please God, to please their church leaders and to be straight. The stories told by these gay and lesbian Christians relate the turmoil and pain "ex-gay" ministries and traditional Christian attitudes cause gay people. Some people in the video found the intense emotional and spiritual pain they felt within the "ex-gay" ministries to be so extreme they had suicidal feelings, cut themselves, or were hospitalized in a psychiatric hospital. While the people interviewed tried to be straight, none of them were successful. The father of one of the men who tried to be straight told his son that "fish can't fly."

Some of the methods described to help gay and lesbians become straight include the following:

  • memorizing Bible texts

  • an hour a day of prayer and Bible studies

  • prayer to cast out demons (exorcism)

  • not wearing certain types of clothing, such as Calvin Klein brand clothing

  • make-over sessions for lesbians

  • learning how to change a car's oil for gay men

  • healing prayers for past experiences

  • encouraging gay people to get married in traditional male/female marriages

A psychotherapist and author interviewed on the video stated that saying heterosexuality is better than homosexuality is a form of covert sexual abuse.

This video should be seen by all Christian pastors, Christian counsellors, and teachers and administrators in Christian schools and colleges. The parents of gay children should also watch the video. Fewer people would be pressured to go to ex-gay ministries, if pastors, teachers, and parents watched this video.