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Movie Reviewed:

Hate Crime. Tommy Stovall writer and director. Pasidg Production

According to Film Jerk, the movie is 104 minutes long.

Review by Gary Simpson. All copyrights are held by the author.

This is one of the most difficult movie reviews I've written. As a conservative Christian, the religious basis of hate in this movie was difficult for me to watch. For some people, religion is one source of hatred against gay, lesbian, bisexual and trans-identified people. People of faith need to recognize that religion can be a source of hate and need to work to help reduce or eliminate religion-based sources of hate. This movie can be used in houses of faith to help promote discussion of ways to reduce homophobia and biphobia.

The movie is about a gay male couple who gets a new neighbor. The new neighbor is a pastor. One of the two gay men is murdered in a hate crime.

This movie has elements of many different forms of homophobia and many different types of hatred against gay people. They range from crude jokes about gay people, to gay bashing, to religiously-motivated hatred, to homophobia among the police, to murder.

One powerful portion of the movie flashes back and forth between a church where the pastor hates gay people to a church that has a much more loving approach. There is a stark contrast between hate-filled churches and grace-filled churches.

This movie can be used as an educational movie. Because of the length of the movie, the movie probably cannot easily been watched in a traditional 40 or 50 minute class period. Teachers wishing to use this film in school, college or church setting will need to arrange to have more time than is provided in a typical school, college or Sunday School period. The movie can help people identify different forms of discrimination and bigotry. This production also helps people understand the potential risks of homophobia and hatred.