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Book Reviewed:

Online Booklet. Stonewalled-Still Demanding Respect: Police Abuses Against Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender People in the U.S.A.. London, United Kingdom: Amnesty International, 2006.

Book can be purchased online @ Amnesty International

Review by Gary Simpson. All copyrights are held by the author.

Note: Note: Stop Hate 2000 does not engage in running down the police and law enforcement agencies. Law enforcement personnel need support, as their labor daily in very stressful and thankless jobs.

Members of every occupational group have been guilty of misconduct. The police are no exception. As with other professions that serve the public, there is a need for public accountability. The purpose of including this book review on the Stop Hate website is to encourage public accountability and positive changes.

Book Review:

This 83 page illustrated book is a must read for people interested in queer human rights in the United States. The book has stories of police abuse and neglect that include things such as:

Sexual assault by the police
Physical assault by the police
Verbal abuse
Inappropriately conducted strip searches, especially with transgender/transsexual individuals
Failure to properly and adequately investigate crimes against queer people
Failure to adequately protect queer people who have been threatened

The book does more than document stories of police abuse and neglect. Numerous recommendations are made.

An appendix outlines international standards. A few international standards that apply to the American queer community include the following:

Freedom against arbitrary arrest or detention
Sexual assault of prisoners is considered to be torture
Freedom against cruel, inhuman and degrading treatment
Police shall use restraint in proportion to seriousness
Law enforcement personnel who belive a violation has taken place or is about to take place shall report it