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Book Reviewed:

Bob Buchanan. Love, Honor and Respect: How to Confront Homosexual Bias and Violence in Christian Culture. Lincoln, NE: Writers Club Press, 2000.

The documentary can be purchased from Amazon.com.

Review by Gary Simpson. All copyrights are held by the author.

The author, Bob Buchanan, starts the book with a long section that provides important background information. Intolerance and violence against gay people, homosexuality in history, same-gender sexuality, causes of homosexuality, the Bible and homosexuality, and marriage are discussed.

In my opinion, a few sections of the book feel a little dated. For example, the section of the book where the possible causes of homosexuality are discussed could benefit from citing more current sources. A few gay people might find offensive the mention of the theory that some gay attraction might be due to men not having had strong enough bonds of love with their fathers. A quick check of the bibliography explains why some portions of the book feel dated. By my calculations, roughly 60% of the books in the bibliography were written before 1990. That means the majority of the books were written at least ten years before this book was published.

This weakness of the book does not take away from the value of the book. The value of the book is found in the ways we can work to reduce the anti-gay bias in churches.

Trying to summarize the many points Bob Buchanan makes is difficult. One must read the book to fully understand and appreciate his approach. Buchanan's solution to anti-homosexual bias and violence in Christian culture can be summarized as follows:

  • Learn to love. This involves a number of things, one of which is conquering fear, which is the enemy of love.

  • Honest acceptance. Christians need to recognize that gays belong in church, and gay people are not a threat to families.

  • Dialogue. Dialogue, not monologues, are needed.

  • Listening with an open heart. Listen to understand and learn, not to judge and condemn.

  • Human Respect and Dignity. Treat those who disagree with the same respect and dignity we treat eqauls.

  • Truthfulness. Stop telling lies and saying things that are not supported by fact. There is no proof gay people were responsible for the destruction of any society or nation. Gay people do not destroy families.

  • Non-judgmental stance. Do not talk or act like gay people are outside the grace of God.

  • Seeing similarities. Understand gay people have the same needs, wants and desires as straight people.

  • Pew action. Hold pastors and church leaders responsible when they do not demonstrate loving concern for gay people.

  • Choose peace. Use words that encourage love and understanding, not words that create fear and divisions.

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