Understand the devastating consequences of racism and tribalism. Be prepared to explain those consequences with people.

Learn more about the contributions people from different racial groups made to the development of your country.

Prepare a small library of web sites and books which people can read about racism and about the contributions to society made by different racial and ethnic groups. Some excellent web resources can be found on the Stop Hate 2000 Links page.

Read news articles intelligently. Understand every author has a bias. Check to see what the bias is and how the bias might have impacted on the content of the article. Try to confirm all news articles with other sources, to ensure you do not draw conclusions based on biased news stories.

Visit a church that has many members of a different race. Understand how much in common you have with those who are of a different racial background.

Forgive those of other races or tribes who have hurt you or have hurt people of your race or tribe.

Be willing to share the political power and resources with all people.

Speak out when racially motivated hate crimes take place. Write letters to the editors of newspapers expressing your disapproval of racism.

Share stories of discrimination and racism with Stop Hate, so we can help people understand the real cost of hate.

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