Scotty Weaver Memorial Page

1986 - 2004

Scotty Weaver, age 18, was brutally killed. News reports indicate Scotty was strangled and stabbed numerous times. His burned body was found a few miles from his home.

Two of Scotty’s roommates and friends from his childhood, and another person were charged with the murder.

The district attorney stated he believed Scotty’s sexual orientation was one reason why Scotty was murdered. There may be questions about Scotty’s sexual orientation. Some news reports give the impression his family felt he was not certain about his sexual orientation, while other news reports indicate he was a gay man.

A few news stories and articles about Scotty Weaver can be found on the following internet web sites:

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Queer Voice. Gave Stophate permission to use their photograph of Scotty Weaver on this page.

Southern Voice

NBC News 15. Has video clip.

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