Ryan Skipper Memorial Page

Ryan Skipper, a 25 year old gay Florida man, was murdered in mid-March. According to new reports, Ryan was attacked in his car. He was stabbed twenty times and his body was dumped by a road. One of the men who is accused of the murder, is reported as having said, “Ryan Skipper was messing with him, that Ryan Skipper was a homosexual, so [he] killed him.”

Ryan is described as having a "heart of gold." Comments made by other people who knew Ryan, give the impression that Ryan Skipper was a warm, kind, sweet person. Ryan was very good with children.

A few articles about Ryan can be found on the following web sites:

The Ledger Online. The Ledger article discusses who Ryan was and gives some insights into the kind of person Ryan was.

Pensito Review. The article discusses very contradictory information about Ryan’s activities the day he was murdered.

ExpressGayNews. This article has information about a friend of Ryan’s who says Ryan would not pick up a hitchhiker and did not pick people up off the street.

A 365Gay.Com article states the men accused of murdering Ryan drove Ryan’s car to the homes of some friends to show them the bloody interior.

Gay City News. The Gay City News article indicates the men arrested with Ryan Skipper’s murder are using the gay panic defense.

Gay.Com News. This article indicates the murder was initially investigated as a murder robbery, because Ryan Skipper’s car and computer had been stolen.

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