Satender Singh Memorial Page

Age 26

An article on the Southern Poverty Law Center web site states on July 1 Satender Singh was enjoying the July long-weekend with several married couples at Lake Natoma Park. The article indicates some Russian-speaking people were near Satender. Evidently, the men made anti-gay comments. The word sodommite was used. There might be a religious motivating factor in the murder. The article on the Southern Poverty Law Center web site states, "The Slavic men bragged about belonging to a Russian evangelical church and told Singh that he should go to a 'good church' like theirs."

The Russian-speaking men are reported to have asked the women and children in their company to leave. They would not let Satender or the group he was with leave. We gather the Russian-speaking men called more people. One of the men hit Satender, who suffered brain trauma. Satender died from his injuries on July 5, 2007. According to the LGBT Hate Crimes Project, 300 people attended a memorial vigil at the World Peace Garden.

A Planet Out article says Satender worked at a call center. Satender Singh is described, on the Sacramento for Democracy web site, as a having a warm smile and the ability to make "everybody feel special." The world was probably a better place because of Satender.

The Jews on First web site has an article indicating two men, Andrey Vusik and Aleksandr Schevchenko were charged in connection with Satender's death. Andrey Vasik is reported to have been charged with manslaughter and Aleksandr Schevchenko with a hate crime. Vusik is reported to have fled the United States and might be in Russia. The web blog Moscow Through Brown Eyes comments that extraditing Vusik from Russia could be difficult if Vasik is a Russian citizen. The blog says the Russian constitution prevents Russian citizens from being extradited.

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