Richie Phillips Memorial Page

Richie Phillips was killed at age 36. According to news reports, Richie was beaten and strangled and his body was stuffed in a suitcase.

The defense appeared to take the position that Phillips was attempting to sexually assault, Joshua Cottrell, the man who killed him. The position was taken that any amount of violence used to prevent a sexual assault was acceptable. The prosecution's position was that the killing was planned, as Cottrell lured Richie Phillips to his motel room and killed him. News reports indicate a relataive of the man convicted for the killing testified that Cottrell planned to kill Richie Phillips because Richie was gay.

The jury rejected the defense. Cottrell was found guilty of manslaughter. More information about Richie Phillips can be found at the following web sites: - 20 Years In Kentucky Gay Slaying - Jury Rejects Murder Verdict In Gay Slaying

Queer Day - Prosecutors of Phillips' murder not taking chances

Cincinnati Enquirer - Family of murder suspect speak out, Say victim killed because he was gay

The Advocate - Kentucky murder was bias-motivated, supsect's family says

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