Gay Holocaust Memorial

This web page is in memory of gay who were killed in the Nazi death camps. Many people are unaware of the deep Nazi hatred of gay people. Gay men were required to wear a pink triangle. The pink triangle is now a common symbol representing gay men.

Conditions in the Nazi death camps were terrible for everybody. Gay people may have been subjected to rejection and ridicule from other people who were living in the death camps.

A few web sites with information about the gay Holocaust appear below.

Gay Holocaust Memorial Site. This site has information about experiments performed on gay people in Nazi death camps, testimonies of the gay survivors of Nazi death camps and general information about the holocaust.

The Pink Triangle. Web site has information on classification of those the Nazi government did not think were desirable, the Nazi penal code regarding homosexual activities and information about how gay and lesbians were treated in Nazi occupied lands.

Peter Tatchell - Gay & Human Rights Campaigns. Site has information about gay people in the death camps. Check the History section of the web site.

Lesbian and Gay Children of Holocaust Survivors.

The Nazi Persecution of Homosexuals. Site has the story of a death camp survivor and briefly outlines some of the history of the oppression and extermination of gay people in Nazi German.