Robin Malta Memorial Page

Age 43

A June 13, 2007 article on the Gay.Com web system says Robin Malta was found dead by his sister, when she went to check on him. The article gives us the impression Robin had been dead for a period of time before he was found. A WWLTV article states Malta was found beaten to death in his home. An article in The Times-Picayune states Robin Malta was hit in the head more than 15 times with a metal object. Another Times Picayune article reports Laura Michelle Lapaz was charged in connection with the murder. We do not know the reason why Robin was murdered and have no reason to believe his murder was a hate.

The Salon DíMalta web page tells us a little about Robinís career. The salon web site indicates Robin won a championship and a medal as a hairstylist. Maltaís obituary says he was an owner of a New Orleans hair salon. The obituary indicates Robin was involved in charity fundraising and volunteered to help after hurricane Katrina hit the New Orleans area. On Alanís Blogometer, a person who reports to be a long-term friend describes Robin as being ďone of the most caring and giving persons I have ever known.Ē This same long-term friend notes Robin respected people. Another person on the same blog site as a gentle and a loving person. Other terms used to describe Robin Malta include generous, fun, and creative. On the Queerty site, Malta is described as having worked hard to rebuild New Orleans, to reduce the crime rate, and to help with queer causes. Robinís death is a loss that touches many people.

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