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Morgan Lewis, a gay, Native American university professor, died of gun wounds November 1, 2004. He was 46 years old.  Morgan Lewis was an assistant professor of languages at Northern State University, located in Aberdeen, South Dakota.  According to the Northern State University web site, Morgan Lewis taught German.  He had undergraduate degrees from the University of California and got has master's and doctorate degrees from the University of Southern California. One of Morgan Lewis' academic interests was xenophobia, the unwarrented fear or contempt of those who are thought to be different. He lived in Aberdeen, South Dakota only a few months before his death. One of Lewis' students describes him as a nice and helpful person.

News reports indicate Morgan Lewis was shot in the neck.  Initially, the police called his death suspicious.  News reports state the death certificate describes the death as homocide. There  are reports that body was not immediately beside a trash container where the gun was found and blood was found.  One news story says the gun was found 40 yards from the body.  A February, 2005 news story indicates a colleague of the deceased professor who was one of the last people to see Morgan Lewis alive had not been interviewed.

News about Morgan Lewis' death is difficult to find on the internet. There are some comments about his death on a few blogs.  The Northern Valley Beacon blog says there are "menacing and troubling elements" in the death.  Evidently, the police are not saying much about the investigation and some people appear to be troubled by that.

We hesitate to mention material found on blogs, as the facts cannot easily be confirmed by more respected sources. Comments on a blog state his body was found a distance from the trash bin where the gun was found and indicate he was shot in the back of the neck.  If that is true, it could be difficult for a person to shoot himself in the back of the neck.

There are times when the police are not able to release any information without compromising their investigation.  We would not want to see the investigation of Morgan Lewis' death compromised in any way.  We are hoping the police will soon be able to safely release news that will relieve the fears of the local community, of students and staff at the univeristy, of minority groups and of gay people.  At this stage, nobody knows for certain if this is a murder and there is no evidence to support this is a hate crime, but the death does raise concerns.

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