Sean Kennedy Memorial Page

According to a Gay.Com article, 20 year old Sean Kennedy is believed to have been murdered because he was gay. A 365Gay.Com article says Sean was openly gay. Evidently, Sean left a bar. As he left, a car drove up, somebody approached Sean and punched him. An Advocate article on the PlanetOut web site explains Sean Kennedy fell after he was punched and hit his head on the pavement. He died later that night in a hospital.

The murder appears to be a hate crime. Stephen Moller, who has been charged with Sean Kennedy's murder, is reported as having made derogatory comments about Sean's sexuality either before or during the attack.

A few words used to describe Sean Kennedy on the GAYTWOGETHER are talented, poet, fun-loving, handsome, leader, friend, and giver. He is said to be remembered for his "infectious smile." Sean is described as the kind of person that "No matter what you needed, you didn't even have to ask." Sean Kennedy's life appears to have touched many people. An Advocate news article says seven hundred people attended his funeral, and that within two days of his death, Sean's MySpace page had over 50 thousand hits.

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