Pasikali Kashusbe
Found dead July, 2010

The head of Pasikali Kashusbe, a Ugandan queer rights activist, was found by Ugandan police. An article on the web site states his severed head was found in a latrine. A few days earlier, we are informed, what could be Kashusbe's body was found in the area. The body is reported to have been sexually mutilated. An article on the Queerty web site indicates the body was found about a half a kilometre from the farm where Kashusbe's head was found. Readers are cautioned that the article contains a You Tube news video, which has content some might find disturbingly graphic. The Yahoo news system also has an article about this murder. Information in the Yahoo article seems to confirm what was found on the queer news sites. An Episcopal News article about the murder can be found Episcopal Life Online.

Some news sources are saying reports that Kashusbe was a gay right's activist are not correct. The Back2Stonewall web site indicates Kashusbe had no connection to gay rights work in Uganda.

Because Kashushbe's murder was first reported as the murder of a gay rights activist, and because of the horrific nature of his murder, we are honoring his life with this memorial page. Our hearts are with his friends, loved ones, and family members.