Steven Domer Memorial Page

Age 62

Steven Domer is thought to have been strangled October 26, 2007. According to an article on the Cimarron Alliance Foundation of Oklahoma web site, Steven Domer was abducted. Both the Cimarron Alliance article and an Advocate article say Steven's body was found bound with duct tape, with a "coat hanger twised around his neck."

The NewsOk.Com article "Man Won't Face Hate-crime Count" states Steven Domer is believed to have been targeted because of his sexual orientation. Another NewsOk.Com article adds an interesting twist to the story of Steven Domer's murder. The article indicates, Darrell Madden, who was charged in connection with Steven's death, was " . . .known to be gay." A 365Gay.Com article indicates investigators think Darrell Madden is bisexual.

An Advocate web site article, "White Supremist Charged in Gay Man's Death," states Darrell Madden was charged with the October killing of Steven Domer. The Advocate article says authorities believe Darrell Madden was connected to the United Aryan Brotherhood. A NewsOk.Com article gives one the impression Steven Domer's murder might have been an attempt to earn a place in a gang. According to the Advocate and NewsOk.Com articles, Darrell Madden cannot be charged with a hate crime, because Oklahoma does not extend protection for hate crimes to gay and bisexual people.

An Associated Press article on the Dallas Voice web site says Steven Domer's death caused a rabbi and a Unitarian pastor to call for the protection of queer people in hate crimes legislation.

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