Given the right conditions, many people are capable of being a bully. People who normally never bully others might find themselves in a situation where they resort to a few bully tactics.

We are not sure of the exact causes of bullying. We can, however, speculate some as to what we feel might be factors that could be associated with people becoming bullies.

Bullying is based on control. The bully may feel a sense of control over his or her live by controlling people through intimidation and fear. Children that have been abused, bullied or been called a lot of names might be more likely to become bullies.

Bullying involves relationships. People who do not have good communication skills might not have the communication skills required to obtain what they want through negotiation. Bullying can be a way people can get what they want, when they are not able to respectfully negotiate.

Some people do not feel they are good at much of anything. They feel they cannot achieve success or gain respect through their abilities. Turning to bullying is one way they can feel respected. Bullies tend to lack a positive self-image and a feeling of deep self-worth.

Knowing some general characteristics of bullies does not really tell us why people become bullies, but it might give us some clues about the causes of bullying. Bullying in Canada," an article found on the Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness Canada web site, cites a few general characteristics of bullies that have been found in a few different studies. Some of those characteristics that tend to be found in bullies are as follows:

Easily provoked
Physically stronger
Lack empathy

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