Stop Hate 2000 Newsletter March, 2005

Dear Friends,

I may not have gone to school, but I met the scholars coming out!"

- William Edward Moran (1884-1949)

Dear Friends,

A quick email was sent to our subscribers to inform them of recent developments in New Mexico. The Newsletter adds a little to that email.

In the March, 2005 Newsletter, we are discussing Matthew Shepard's murder and the beating of a gay man in Sante Fe. There is a relationship. Matthew Shepard, a gay college student, was brutally gay bashed. He clung to life for several days in the hospital. The gay man in Sante Fe was also badly gay bashed and is clinging to life in the hospital.

Two volunteers at Stop Hate 2000 have responded to the those who are saying Matthew Shepard’s murder was not a hate crime. One of the responses is to an article on the internet claiming Matthew Shepard was killed because of drug debts. That editorial briefly discusses the 20/20 documentary about Matthew Shepard. The second editorial is direct response to the 20/20 documentary about Matthew Shepard’s murder. The responses can be found on the editorial pages of the Stop Homophobia pages.

March 6, 2005, we were made aware of a March 3 article about Sante Fe, New Mexico a man who has been brutally beaten. Reports as to his exact medical condition at that time were not known, but he was clinging to life in the hospital. We brought you a news update then. Since March 6, we have learned more about the attack on the two gay men. Our letter has been updated to provide more recent information.

According to news reports, James Maestas and Joshua Stockham were attacked by at least four people early Sunday morning. The attackers are reported to have repeatedly called the men they were beating faggots. One news article also indicates racists remarks about the men being white may also have been made by the attackers. We believe Joshua Stockham was not seriously injured in the attack, but James Maestas suffered serious injuries. A March 19 article in the online Santa Fe New Mexican states James Maestas received a broken nose, facial bruises, a concussion and has problems with short-term memory.

Six young men have been charged with the beating. One of the men charged with the crime is reported by the Santa Fe New Mexican to be on probation for sexually assaulting a four year old boy. More information can be found on the Free Newmexican and at at the following web sites:

Santa Fe New Mexican Suspects in Maestas attack arraigned in court

Santa Fe New Mexican A light for James: a community united

Santa Fe New Mexican Man beaten in gay bashing clings to life News Story 3 More Charged In Vicious Santa Fe Gay Bashing News Story Gay Bashing Victim Released From Hospital Vigil Story News Story

Our hearts and prayers are with James Maestas and Joshua Stockham and their friends and families.

The Stop Hate 2000 e-Team

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