Stop Hate 2000 Newsletter April, 2005

Dear Friends,

This is a short newsletter. The newsletter is just highlighting a few developments of the past few weeks.

March and early April have been difficult for many people. We've seen several outpourings of emotion and grief. Events in March and April remind us that life can be very fragile and that all life, regardless of race, ethnicity, religion, gender, handicap or sexual orientation should be cherished and celebrated. Jason Gage, a gay man, was murdered. Two spiritual leaders are ill. Pope John Paul is very ill and is not expected to live. Jerry Falwell has been in the hospital for a serious illness. Terri Schiavo had her feeding tube removed and passed away.

Some news events people have been watching include the following:

Jason Gage, a 29 year old man, was beaten and stabbed. The girlfriend of the young man charged with his murder says Jason was murdered because he came on to her boyfriend. Information about Jason Gage's murder can be found on his memorial web page.

A report by the B'nai Brith in Canada indicates anti-Semitism is up. A chart shows there were only two months in 1994 when the rate of anti-Semitic acts were lower than they were in 1993. The rate of reported anti-Semitic acts in Toronto, Canada were up by 28.6%. The report can be read on the Canadian B'nai Brith web site.

Those following the trial of the men convicted of killing Aaron Webster can find an archive and a good summary of the events at the Prime Time Crime web site.

The hearts of the volunteers at Stop Hate 2000 go out to grieving Catholics, to Terri Schiavo's family and loved ones and to the loved ones and family of Jason Gage and Aaron Webster.

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