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Will’s father commented about how difficult school is for queer students. “Most parents worry about if they make a grade, make a team, or do things like that. When we sent Willi to school, we worried that it would be the last time we would see him.” Stated in interview in the documentary movie Anti-Gay Hate Crime: A & E Investigative Reports. Available from Amazon.Com and Amazon.Ca.
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As a general rule, we do not include complete book reviews in our newsletters.  Robert Minor's booklet, Case Closed!, is an excellent resource that deserves promotion, so we are including a review of this booklet in our newsletter.

Title: Case Closed! Responding to Psychological Arguments Against Gay People

Publisher: The Fairness Project, Kansas City

Year: 2002

Available: The Fairness Project

Robert Minor is a prolific, and insightful author. When you read his books, be prepared to be challenged. He authored the books Scared Straight, Gay and Healthy in a Sick Society and When Religion is an Addiction. Minor wrote a series of concise and readable booklets for The Fairness Project. Case Closed! is one of The Fairness Project Series booklets.

Robert Minor notes that people who are not prepared to do the hard work required to understand the source of their strong dislike of gay people tend to look for religious and scientific support for their prejudices and hatred. He makes a very good point. Delving into the familial, societal and religious factors that caused such deeply held hatred and dislike is taxing, and, at times, scary work.

This booklet quotes information from the American Psychiatric Association, the American Psychological Association, the American Counseling Association, the American Academy of Pediatrics, the Council on Child and Adolescent Health, the World Health Organization and the American Medical Association that support the position that homosexuality is not a mental illness, that mental illness is not associated with homosexuality and that mental health professionals should not attempt to change the sexual orientation of their clients. Minor makes the point that discrimination against gay people can cause psychological problems. Case Closed! discusses the controversial case of ex-gays (gay people who claim they have become straight).

Robert Minor cautions against getting into psychological arguments with people. He makes the valid point that answers to the psychological arguments used against homosexuals are easy to obtain. There is little need to become the defender of the gay community. We have the right to indicate we disagree with the anti-gay psychology and then to walk away from the discussion.

Case Closed! is an excellent booklet. There is a good balance between providing information to show that mental health professionals do not consider homosexuality to be an illness and providing practical advice that can help prevent gay people from getting caught up in potentially painful and damaging arguments about psychology. This book should be in the resource library of every gay community center, of every affirming church and every mental health professional.

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The Anti-Defamation League website informs us that a suspect, Anthony M. Graziano, was arrested in connection with arson attacks against two New Jersey synagogues, Congregation K'Hal Adath Jeshurun and Congregation Beth El.  The Anti-Defamation League news release gives us the impression the accused person is deeply anti-Semetic.

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Jennifer Rubin writes the Right Turn opinion column.  In an opinion column, titled "Uproar over anti-Semitic writings reaches the White House," Rubin discusses anti-Semitic sounding blogs and tweets originating from the Center for American Progress.

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The British Broadcasting Corporation website contains an article "German anti-Semitism 'deep-rooted' in society.  According to the article, the German Parliament requested a report on anti-Semitism.  The report found anti-Semitism is "'significantly' entrenched" in Germany.  We gather the report felt German anti-Semitism was due to prejudice and ignorance.  The report noted high levels of anti-Semitism in regions of Poland, Portugal and Hungary.

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A Washington Post article, "3 convicted of hate crime in Britain for distributing brochure calling for executing gays," informs us that the men were convicted of promoting hatred.   Evidently, the pamphlet included an illustration of a manikin hanging by a noose.

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A Houston Chronicle article, "4 charged with hate crime in Houston bus stop beating," relates information about the disturbing case of a Black gentleman who was attacked by four men.  The article informs us the attackers were charged under the Matthew Shepard and James Byrd Jr. Hate Crimes Prevention Act.

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In the article "Hate Crimes Denounced in Huntington," which appears on the HalfHollowHillsPatch website, we are informed that a group of clergy are unified in their denouncing hate crimes in Long Island.

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The LGBTQ Nation website carries the sad news of the suicide of Jacob Rogers, a teenager who used to attend Cheatham County Central High School, in Ashland City, Tennessee.  Jacob dropped out of school, because of bullying.

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