StopHate 2000 Newsletter

August, 2004

"I may not have gone to school, but I met the scholars coming out!"

- William Edward Moran (1884-1949)

Dear Friends,

This is more of a news update than a full news letter.

Some people in the Austin, Texas gay community may be very afraid by a recent hate crime. A man posing as a gay man picked up a gay man. The gay man was beaten for two hours by four men. Authorities described the crime "as vicious and meticulously planned attack." The victim as robbed, beaten and sexually assaulted. Some graphic information about the crime can be found at Information about the investigation and the individuals charged can be found at and

Once again, the gay community is rocked by news of the death of a gay young man. July 22, Scotty Weaver's burned body was found. Scotty's body showed signs of being beaten, strangled, stabbed, cut and burned. Charged with Scotty's death are three people, two of whom had been his friends since he childhood.

There are some comparisons between Scotty Weaver and Matthew Shepard. Both men died in their youth, had potential and were robbed. In each case, authorities felt homophobia was a factor in the murder.

The hearts of staff at Stophate2000 go out to Scotty's family and friends. A memorial page was created on Stophate2000 to honor Scotty Weaver and to help people understand the continuing danger of homophobia. The Stophate memorial page can be found by clicking here. Links from the memorial page take people to sites that have news about Scotty Weaver, including a site with a video news report about Scotty Weaver.

Anybody knowing about a victim of a hate crime are encouraged to send the volunteer staff at Stophate2000 information about the crime and the internet web sites where news about the crime can be found. We are prepared to try to develop other memorial pages and link to existing memorial pages for the victims of hate crimes.

Your interest in helping end some of these sickening hate crimes is appreciated.


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