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This page is where we can share stories of what we are doing to help reduce hatred, prejudice, discrimination and violence. Our stories need to be shared, because they encourage other people to speak out and to stand up. By standing up, we are changing lives.

Share a short story of what you are doing to help combat hatred. Stories can be posted anomyously. Send us a story by clicking here.

Quilting to End Transphobia

A volunteer in Edmonton, Canada made a memorial quilt for transgendered and transsexual victims of hate crimes. Photographs of the quilt can be found on the Stop Transphobia web site.

Fighting Homophobic Name Calling and Insults

whenever i hear someone say "thats so gay" or "what's up faggot?" i interrupt them and say "thats so derogatory, and those names hurt people" although i know some may not listen, i know i have made an impact in their lives by saying that just ONCE to them

Fighting Homophobia on the School Bus

A Christian, who drives a school bus for a living writes . . . "I had a High School "Jock" use the word "Faggot" in my presence. His friends laughed. I immediately pulled over on the side of the road, got up and turned face to face with him and told him he was suspended from riding with me for three days and I would be talking to his parents. The Student came back and apologized for his outburst. (I think his Dad made him. lol) I responded that being sorry was a good start. I now wanted a 250 word theme on Hate and Hate Crimes....then I'd forget about the suspension. I even threw in the stophate 2000 web-site for a starting point. This kid came back with AT LEAST a 250 word Thesis and a whole new outlook. I read it. It was good. He asked me if he could have it back to submit to his Journalism Teacher. Of course I allowed it. Bottom Line. ___________ got a great Grade and brought his grade average up and walked away with a great looking new attitude.

Fighting Homophobia in Community

Artist remembers the fifth anniversary of Matthew Shepard's death by hanging an effigy of Matthew Shepard at a war memorial.

Quilting to End Hate Crimes

Volunteers lovingly created a Matthew Shepard Memorial Quilt. The quilt was presented to Matthew Shepard's mother, Mrs. Judy Shepard. A few blocks from the quilt appears below. More photographs of the Matthew Shepard Memorial Quilt can be found by clicking here.

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